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North steam molding
We have been working with Beiqi Molding Technology Co., Ltd. for up to 5 years. The main projects of our cooperation are Mercedes Benz, modern project, and Beiqi's own brand project. The products are mainly focused on injection molded parts and spray parts products on bumpers. After years of business exchanges, our company has established a solid foundation for cooperation with Beiqi molding and Jiangnan molding. In the future development, our company will do our best to serve customers and promote the development of Beiqi molding at the same time.

Beijing modern
Since 2002, our company has been supplying Beijing Longshan, a modern supplier of Beijing, and has been working with Beijing modern for 15 years. Through a large number of excellent level, we have been able to offer modern services to Beijing. At the same time, a large number of parts are directly supplied to Beijing modern host plant. Beijing modern as one of the most important customers of our company, their products poured into our staff a lot of energy, but also will be the backbone of our customers. On the basis of win win principle, we will adhere to the principle of customer first and strive to do well in every product.

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